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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Disney Infinity Review- Family Friendly, Wallet Unfriendly

Disney’s new Infinity video game is just that infinite…an infinite number of possibilities of characters, creativity and games for kids 6+. I think this is going to be the future of video games where you have not only the game but action figures to go with it. The price point is high just to get started is $80 because you have to get the starter pack. That pack includes Disney Infinity base, 3 characters, a power disc, and the game itself. Yes you need all these items to play the game its not just “extra”. You can play tons of different Disney characters but the trick is of course you have to buy that character, which is how they get you, a single character can run approximately $15-$30.

Whatever characters you get you get to play those in their movie, the toy box etc. the downside is I would want to play the characters in other stories…maybe see Jack Skellington in Pirates of the Caribbean, but we don’t get everything we want.  The point of the game is a bunch of random tasks, puzzles, quests, and things in each characters land. However, no real plot that you might see in normal video games: save the princess, win the war, etc.

On the plus side this game does have a plethora of characters and you know it is kid appropriate since Disney makes it. Plus for a younger audience there are lots of direction as to how to do things and goals to achieve so your kids will feel like they are making progress in the game. The big bonus is the possibilities of your kids creating their own worlds and sharing them online and of course on your tablet.  That is where you can really stretch their creativity and play with all the characters in their new world. Finally there are Power Discs that allow characters to have extra powers, modes of transport, etc. Of course those power discs also cost about $5 a pack. All in all the game is ok and if your kids are Disney fans they will probably like the game just be prepared for the never ending accessories this game offers…hence the title Infinity.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo just released the latest in its handheld devices, the 2Ds. For young gamers or first time gamers this is a good device. Nintendo is great for the younger audiences or those that are still in love with all the Super Mario games.

As for the technical specs the 2Ds is not that much different from the earlier 3DS models 2 screens, Internet connectivity, downloadable games, multiplayer gaming via Wi-Fi or online with others around the world. The graphics are on par with all other Nintendo devices appropriate for younger audiences but older audiences would expect more along the lines of PlayStation or Xbox graphics.

The price point is low at $129 and comes in only 2 colors blue and red. Although, I am not sure if you can even really say that it comes in colors since they are really only framing the device so I wouldn’t even count that as a color. The older devices came in an array of colors that covered the entire DS and was a selling point for many of its target audience.

The device is light, which is a bonus for the younger audience but also makes it feel sort of cheap. The older DS models were foldable while this one lays flat measuring about 5” long and 5 ½” wide. The fact that this lays flat instead of folds is a negative as several of the younger audience liked that the older models could fit in their pockets.
Nintendo does do a great job of keeping all their new models play backwards compatible meaning it plays all the older models games, even 3Ds games, just not in 3d. A great cost savings for parents who may have already bought a DS for another child or who are upgrading their kids gaming device. Nintendo also has some great games for adults to help memory, Sudoku, crosswords, chess or for those nostalgic to play Mario games. While its true with tablets you don’t really need gaming device as well but you can’t play Super Mario on a tablet…at least not yet J Share your POV on the DS as well as other video games at