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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Disney Infinity Review- Family Friendly, Wallet Unfriendly

Disney’s new Infinity video game is just that infinite…an infinite number of possibilities of characters, creativity and games for kids 6+. I think this is going to be the future of video games where you have not only the game but action figures to go with it. The price point is high just to get started is $80 because you have to get the starter pack. That pack includes Disney Infinity base, 3 characters, a power disc, and the game itself. Yes you need all these items to play the game its not just “extra”. You can play tons of different Disney characters but the trick is of course you have to buy that character, which is how they get you, a single character can run approximately $15-$30.

Whatever characters you get you get to play those in their movie, the toy box etc. the downside is I would want to play the characters in other stories…maybe see Jack Skellington in Pirates of the Caribbean, but we don’t get everything we want.  The point of the game is a bunch of random tasks, puzzles, quests, and things in each characters land. However, no real plot that you might see in normal video games: save the princess, win the war, etc.

On the plus side this game does have a plethora of characters and you know it is kid appropriate since Disney makes it. Plus for a younger audience there are lots of direction as to how to do things and goals to achieve so your kids will feel like they are making progress in the game. The big bonus is the possibilities of your kids creating their own worlds and sharing them online and of course on your tablet.  That is where you can really stretch their creativity and play with all the characters in their new world. Finally there are Power Discs that allow characters to have extra powers, modes of transport, etc. Of course those power discs also cost about $5 a pack. All in all the game is ok and if your kids are Disney fans they will probably like the game just be prepared for the never ending accessories this game offers…hence the title Infinity.

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