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Sunday, December 15, 2013

PS4 or Xbox One for the Holidays- A Parents Guide for Christmas

So if you’re a parent of kids over the age of 11 you might be trying to figure out which console is right for your child. I start by saying over the age of 11 because anyone under this age should really get a WII U.

WII U has tons of kid appropriate games and at the lowest price of the three consoles is only $299. Not only kid friendly but family friendly games. From the classics Super Mario Brothers to the Modern
Super Mario 3-D World, Zelda, Skylanders, and all the fun interactive games. Additionally, there are some games for mature children like Batman Archam Origins, Madden NFL, and NBA 2K13. But the technology is behind and the graphics aren’t fabulous but its still a fun family friendly gaming system.

If your child is older and is looking for Graphics, more games, and things along those lines you are now on the hunt for either an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 the question is which one is for you?

Here is my personal chart of differences that matter to the laymen or non-gamer shoppers:


Xbox One




Apps: Netflix, Hulu, etc

Apps: Netflix, Hulu, etc

Downloadable games

Downloadable games

500 GB hard drive

500 GB hard drive

No Voice Control

Voice Control

Play online free

Pay to play online- $59 yr

Free games every month with membership

Play online with membership

camera not included

Motion gaming camera included

PlayStation 4 is a $100 less than Xbox One but is 50% more powerful than Xbox One and has a more powerful graphics-processing unit. Plus Sony has opened its doors to a lot more indie developers so there should be a larger variety of games in the future.  With a membership to PlayStation Plus you will
be able to download a new game for free every month. Lastly the PS4 controllers are better than all other consoles with touchpad control options and dual shock vibrations as you play.

Don’t get me wrong Xbox One does have a lot of cool features that PS4 doesn’t. You can connect your cable box to the Xbox One and control everything with your voice! Which is just fun what else can you call that. It has all the same apps that PS4 has: Netflix, skype, hulu plus etc. But if you want to play online, which is what everyone wants to do, you will have to pay
the $59 annual Xbox Live membership fee, which PS4 doesn’t make you do.  Xbox Live gives you 2 free games a month compared to PS4's one. Lastly including Kinect motion sensor as standard part of the console is cool as it is getting you ready for whatever cool motion games are coming out in the future and allows you to do all those voice commands.

A negative for both consoles: If you have either the consoles earlier generations you will not be able to play those games on these. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are NOT backwards compatible. And no matter what games on both console at $60 bucks each. So the answer which is better…too early to tell…but my opinion why not get the Xbox One and use it as a centralized entertainment center for the whole family. You will have the motion games like on the Wii U and the ability to play more mature games with better graphics for older members of the family. But that’s my two cents…What’s yours?

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