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Saturday, February 15, 2014

What's Next for Nintendo?

With the Wii U essentially a flop what is next for Nintendo? Keep pushing the Wii u and try and salvage what they can? They are continuing to release some notable sellers with a new Donkey Kong coming out 2/21 and Mario Kart 8 in May it seems like they are still trying to up the gaming library of the Wii U. My theory, and its just a theory, is that they will treat the Wii U like they did Game Cube. They will continue supporting it by releasing a few high profile titles, like Mario Kart 8, to keep us interested but their focus will be the next generation. But what is that? What is going to get you to buy another Nintendo console? And the question is who is Nintendo trying to sell to? The Wii was not for the serious gamer but had mass fad appeal to people that normally wouldn’t buy a game console in the first place. The Wii U didn’t continue that and serious gamers weren’t enticed to buy the Wii U with the specs it was toting.

At the last investors meeting for Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata took to the stage and told investors that in the next 10 years he wanted to work on improving customers’ quality of
life, first in terms of health but later in learning and other non-gaming related areas. Does this means more brain games and fit games and less Mario? What does non-gaming mean?  He then indicated that dedicated Nintendo games on smartphones and tablets could be on their way this year. But have no fear Nintendo has no intention of quitting the hardware business, as Iwata hinted at plans for new video game hardware after the 3DS and Wii U. So while what is next for Nintendo is anyone’s guess one thing is for sure throughout Nintendo's entire tenure, they've consistently innovated their way out of slumps so sit back and see what genius comes next.  Share your thoughts and reviews of Nintendo’ games, any books, and movies at

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